Dublin Docklands Experience Conference
Developing a new visitor experience – Development Plan for the Dublin Docklands.

Failte Ireland ran an excellent Dublin Docklands conference on 27 June which walkindublin staff attended. At it some of the plans there are for this dynamic part of the city were revealed.
Keelin Fagan,Head of Dublin with Failte Ireland noticed there was a great buzz among the delegates about the announcement that the Royal newly weds are coming to the Docklands in July. Harry and Megan will be treated to a tour of our favourite interactive museum Epic in the Docklands www.epicchq.com. This is certainly a significant boost for Dublin’s “Water Quarter.”
The Docklands covered approximately 2 square kilometres and is home to over 500 businesses. The idea of the conference was to bring together businesses in the area and inform them about and involve them in the planning for the future of the Docklands.
Michael Guerin, the Project Manager of Smart Docklands gave a fascinating account of how cutting edge technology is being used to make the everyday running of Docklands smoother for the people who work and live there.

The Smart Docklands District, with its density of new builds, global tech companies and range of connectivity options, provides a unique platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative solutions that will transform the way our cities operate.
With a focus on collaboration and a diverse range of partners, the Smart Docklands team play the independent broker role between the city, the innovators and the universities.
Smart Docklands showcases what can happen when a unique city district develops the level of sensor density and connectivity to make a significant jump in the quality of life for all the peoples of the area.
We were told of Examples of this technology already in operation. From sensors that detect the theft of life rings from the Docklands and therefore insure their immediate replacement to the solar powered Big Belly Bins which once full send a message to be collected and means the efficient collection of full bins only, this technology lives up to its name: Smart.
Round table discussions meant those attending were able to discuss and voice ideas about how the area could improve it’s appeal to visitors.
At Walkindublin our recommendation is come on our Docklands walk and hear about the past, present and future of this historic and innovative area of Dublin.