Dublin is famous for its colourful Georgian doors. Eleanor Costello, while an Art History student of Trinity College began photographing Dublin’s historic doors on her daily walk into College. Her Art History studies gave her an interest in the social history of the buildings and an appreciation of the squares like Merrion and Fitzwilliam. She started the Instagram account @thedoorsofdublin which now has over 29,000 followers. Eleanor began exploring other parts of the city less familiar to her to get more diverse images. She is now graduated and working in Cambridge’s Kettle’s Yard Gallery but regular trips home mean she is often adding to the collection of images. Her eye-catching images of Dublin’s doors are worth browsing. Eleanor’s insider tip? Temple Bar has some very interesting and colourful doors she says. The Green Building on Temple Lane South is a favourite. Also Henrietta Street is not to be missed by anyone with an interest in Georgian architecture as it is Dublin’s earliest Georgian Street. To see the doors for yourself join http://www.walkindublin.com for a tour of Dublin’s elegant addresses.