Exhibiting Art in Georgian Dublin

The Society of Artists’ Exhibition Recreated 

The walkindublin.com team were very excited to visit the above exhibition in Dublin today.  This exhibition marks  both the restoration of the City Assembly House and  celebrates the Society of Artists in Ireland who erected the building over 250 years ago.  The exhibition is hosted by the Irish Georgian Society and is made up of world-class eighteenth-century Irish paintings.

This event celebrates the building’s original incarnation as the first purpose-built public gallery in Britain and Ireland.  Paintings by the following artists have been re-assembled: Thomas Roberts, Jonathan Fisher, James Forrester, Robert Carver, Robert Healy and Hugh Douglas Hamilton in the room in which they were first displayed between 1766 and 1789.

What makes this exhibition really special is that the paintings are hung in a similar manner as when they were first exhibited.

We strongly recommend a visit.  The Exhibition runs until 29 July 2018.